This app explains, step-by-step, how to create an Angular 2 startup project in Visual Studio 2015.  But the steps are presented in a way that gives you control over the pace, depth, and focus of the explanation to a degree not possible with how-to texts or how-to videos.

      When you select any step in the Explanation Tab, in addition to seeing what to do, you can choose to display:

      Why the step will be done

      What the result will be

      How to do the step (sub-steps that complete the complex step)*

      An explanatory figure (a screenshot from Visual Studio 2015)*

      As you complete the steps, a representation of the solution is dynamically constructed and displayed in the Solution Tab exactly as it would appear in the Solution Explorer of Visual Studio 2015 Professional.

      When you select any node in the Solution Tab you can see:

      Its content,

      Its purpose,

      Its history (a listing of those steps of the explanation that modified this node)

      This app provides a huge amount of easily accessible information structured to clearly and completely explain how to use Visual Studio 2015 to create a startup Angular 2 project that you can expand to become a complex application.

      This app will be available on Android devices (e.g. Android phones and Android tablets), iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), and Windows 10 devices (Windows 10 Phones and Windows 10 tablets). Please find it in your favorite app store.

        * For complex steps